Haus der Begegnung - HdB
Anforderungen fur Studenten
Haus der Begegnung Kyoto (Kyoto International Student House)
Hinweise für Studenten, die hier ein Zimmer benötigen !
1. Outline of Haus der Begegnung Kyoto;
Haus der Begegnung Kyoto has accommodations for nearly 40 foreign and Japanese students, together with guest rooms for visiting researchers and professors. A House-Father(s) [Japanese and/or Foreign] with their families work with the cooperation of the House-Team to cultivate an orderly and familial atmosphere within the house. Through this life together, it is hoped that the house members, with their different nationalities, races, religions, ideologies and ways of life, will learn to accept the differences without criticism, and proceed on the search for the fundamental truth of the human race. In short, in each member, through constant interaction in their daily efforts, is hoped to solve the problems. It must be emphasized that this house is not a mere residence for foreign and Japanese students.
2. Number of students to be admitted; Some few of foreign and Japanese students.
3. Qualifications required;
a) International and Japanese students who are enrolled in universities, graduate schools or research organs.
b) Person who are in agreement with the principles and aims governing the establishment of the House and who can harmonize with life in the House according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the foundation.
c) Person capable of paying all necessary expenses and who have a financial guarantor.
4. Procedure of applications;
a) Complete application form should be handed to the office or can be sent by registered mail.
b) Closing date for the applications will be
c) Selection of Residents Interview:
The date and time of the mandatory interview will be informed to each applicant. (Preliminary selection maybe done when there are many applicants.)
5. Announcement of admission;
a) Each applicant should ask his/her outcome by phone.
b) Every admitted applicant should inform the office as soon as possible the date he/she intends to move in. Failure to do this could result in a withdrawal of the offer of admission.

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